the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight


Suburbia weekend….

Suburbia weekend is finally here, tomorrow in fact and then the next day is Daft Funk 3.  Its gonna be the last DF til September by the looks of it due to student activity (or lack of!) However as I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been paying for Facebook advertising which seems to have been pointing a bit of traffic towards the page, so lets see If it does me any good.  It’s exam time at the moment so there’s a good chance i’ll be playing to an empty room! fingers crossed.

But i’m really excited about playing Suburbia, its a classy place and all the tables are already booked out! It will be awesome to get back to playing to a full dancefloor again and might have to sample one of their speciality cocktails!  I’m going armed with lots of party tunes and definitely gonna work on the ladies, cause where the girls go…the boys follow!

Gonna have to leave here (my house) just before 7, to get a train at 8, to get to Hale for 9. But i’m not bothered cos its a little adventure i’m going on!!! I’ll be back after weekend with a little report!

Oh yeah…I aso had a photoshoot today with Nathan Cox, so should get some new pictures soon.  And he was kind enough to do a couple of new DJ shots for me. cant wait to see them!

laters x


Next Weeekend…

Is Daft Funk 3 (take 3!) and Suburbia.  Suburbia is on the Friday and DF is on the Saturday.

Ive been paying for Facebook advertising for DF, aimed at the 18-40 bracket and for those living in Manchester.  Its definitely getting us some attention as i’m close to 100 fans on the Facebook page! Woohoo!  So it will be exciting to see if any of out new fans turn up. hope so.

This will be the last Daft Funk til September as the students will be away til then.  There will probably be a fairly fast decline from now on in new students due to the increase in fee’s.  No-one can afford to go to University anymore, unless you are rich which is a sad thing.

So lets hope this DF is a good one.

I am very excited about Suburbia though.  Its a new adventure for me plaaying somewhere like this.  I will be getting a train there with my music (cd only) and getting a taxi back and hopefully (well definitely!) rocking the joint!!

This is just a quick update, i’ll post again at weekend.  off to buy some more tunes. happy saturday!

DAFT FUNK 3….take 2

Well after having to cancel DF3 from Sat 7th April, we have another problem.

Jabez Clegg has been booked for Sat 5th May.  Now my night does not make any money (yet) so I cant expect the venue to turn down a night that will fill the place and make money, so we’re having to have it on Sat May 19th.  Which is not the first Saturday of the month so we cant use the posters or flyers.  But then DF4 will be 2 weeks later on the 2nd June.

However, will we then have to cancel in July and August? be back in September, October and November? then cancel over Christmas? because we have to rely on student activity?

What I have to figure out is if that is enough to build a following on.  I guess only time will tell.  I will have to see how May and June’s events go and then I guess it’s decision time!

On another note i am playing Suburbia on Friday 18th May which I am super excited about! its a while since i’ve played 2 gigs in 2 consecutive nights!!  So it’s time to go tune shopping ;).  And my promotion ‘skills’ are being put to the test again soon as i’m putting on a gig for Aussie based chipmusic hero ‘cTrix’. so keep posted……

Just an update….

Really missing not doing anything to promote DF3.  Its driving me a bit mad as the timing of it is both perfect and rubbish at the same time.  Its hard having to rely on the students but that is where the venue is and its just a fact.  Cant wait for the next one in May though.  The problem is whats going to happen over the summer?  will we ever be able to build momentum if we have to cancel everytime the students are home?  Its a worry.

Whilst I’ve been mulling that one over I’ve been writing a list of tunes I need for Suburbia.  Its CD only so i’m going to have to buy a load of stuff i’ve already got on vinyl.  One good thing about that is that it means I can travel to Hale on the train with just my cd wallet and headphones rather than having to get a taxi.  Bu the negative is that you really have to be on your toes! you can only cue one track at a time rather that four.  And you have to be well organised.  I’ve decided to keep a section of my cd wallet just for Suburbia stuff so im not trawling through hundreds of cd’s looking for one track!

I’ve also been on the phone to the Thirsty Scholar.  The Promoter/Manager ‘Damo’ was at the Daft Funk launch night and showed an interest in my playing the bar.  hopefully he will be ringing me on Monday.

Anyhoo, not much else to report at the moment.  Still thinking over the student situation………speak soon x

Postponing DF3 and a private party…?

So after much deliberation we have decided to cancel DF3.  I am considering a private party so please message me if you would be interested in bringing some friends for A ‘DAFT FUNK PRIVATE PARTY’

Im a bit gutted because it would have been great to build on the DF2’s success.  I dont mean success in the way of numbers but due to the fact that we had been discovered by the penguins, and that they had loved it and were full of compliments and promises of bringing more people.  the timing is a bit pants but thats just life!!

DF3 will be on Saturday 5th May.

So, i’m  considering a private party scenario and will keep mulling the idea over and will try to think how I can use it as a promotional tool.  If anyone can think of any idea’s or want to bring people then please let me know.

To postpone or not to postpone DF3 ?…..

Andy and I are wondering whether to postpone DF3.  I was pretty buzzing after the late turn up of the penguins after DF2 and them promising to bring more people next time.  Plus this one falls on Easter weekend which means my work is closed on the Sunday, I would have been able to have a lie in and maybe get more of my work friends and other people out.

Andy text me yesterday to say that Jabez is dead over Easter weekend as all the students go home until mid-May.  And as the venue is slap bang in the centre of studentsville then it will make a difference.  Jabez doesn’t get passing trade so the night being a success depends on people coming in specifically for DAFT FUNK.  So he suggested we postpone this one until May.  But that if I want to do a private party with just a bunch of mates then thats ok with him.

We still have just short of three weeks so i’m going to rack my brains to see if theres any way I can use this to my advantage.  Maybe invite my friends, workfriends etc to a private party to use it as a promotional tool.

I will also contact one of the penguins on my DAFT FUNK page to see if he thinks anyone will be around Manchester.  So watch this space….oh and if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

Back to Suburbia and set programming….

A couple of weeks back I was send a ‘recipe’ for playing at Suburbia.  This is something I have never experienced from a promoter before but is exactly how I think when playing somewhere new.  I always really think through my first hour set because I think it makes or breaks who will stay in the bar/club.

If its a bar (starting at 9pm at Joshua Brooks for example) I always go for some funk (Parliament/Prince/Curtis Mayfield) and aim to build to some oldskool ‘no way’ classics (Blackness/Bassomatic/Stetasonic) in the first hour.  Mix in a little Loleatta Holloway and First Choice.  It allows for a couple of drinks to be sunk and for those sat chatting about their work day and relationships to turn their thoughts to the feel good, vibey music and will bring back memories for them.  They like where the music is going and stay for another drink.  By the time this hour is up I am building towards creating something exciting for the clubbers’ to walk in to.  Between 10 and 11pm is when most of the clubbers’, will come for a couple of drinks before they move downstairs.

Between 11 and 1 I will keep it dancey without going to0 hard (no Prodigy or Pendulum here!) Lots of oldskool hip hop n house and loads of uptempo funk and disco, giving the clubbers something to enjoy should they come upstairs for a break.  But also trying to keep those in who don’t intend to go downstairs.  I will write my DAFT FUNK ‘recipe’ another time but for now, back to Suburbia…

Gavin (the Promoter) at Suburbia sent his recipe through.  It wasn’t too complicated just 9-10 play to getting the girls up. wind down 1-2. Nothing gangsta, nothing too hectic.  Dont forget the modern stuff etc.  I totally understand the reasoning behind this.  With a place like Suburbia you have to maintain an image.

Gavin asked for an example of a set (bout 75 songs) so I sent an example.  He was pretty happy and sent back a couple of alternatives for songs he wasn’t sure about and a list of others to consider.  Now I’m just waiting to be rota’d in and I have a new residency!!   Watch this space…