the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Next Weeekend…

Is Daft Funk 3 (take 3!) and Suburbia.  Suburbia is on the Friday and DF is on the Saturday.

Ive been paying for Facebook advertising for DF, aimed at the 18-40 bracket and for those living in Manchester.  Its definitely getting us some attention as i’m close to 100 fans on the Facebook page! Woohoo!  So it will be exciting to see if any of out new fans turn up. hope so.

This will be the last Daft Funk til September as the students will be away til then.  There will probably be a fairly fast decline from now on in new students due to the increase in fee’s.  No-one can afford to go to University anymore, unless you are rich which is a sad thing.

So lets hope this DF is a good one.

I am very excited about Suburbia though.  Its a new adventure for me plaaying somewhere like this.  I will be getting a train there with my music (cd only) and getting a taxi back and hopefully (well definitely!) rocking the joint!!

This is just a quick update, i’ll post again at weekend.  off to buy some more tunes. happy saturday!


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