the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

DAFT FUNK 3….take 2

Well after having to cancel DF3 from Sat 7th April, we have another problem.

Jabez Clegg has been booked for Sat 5th May.  Now my night does not make any money (yet) so I cant expect the venue to turn down a night that will fill the place and make money, so we’re having to have it on Sat May 19th.  Which is not the first Saturday of the month so we cant use the posters or flyers.  But then DF4 will be 2 weeks later on the 2nd June.

However, will we then have to cancel in July and August? be back in September, October and November? then cancel over Christmas? because we have to rely on student activity?

What I have to figure out is if that is enough to build a following on.  I guess only time will tell.  I will have to see how May and June’s events go and then I guess it’s decision time!

On another note i am playing Suburbia on Friday 18th May which I am super excited about! its a while since i’ve played 2 gigs in 2 consecutive nights!!  So it’s time to go tune shopping ;).  And my promotion ‘skills’ are being put to the test again soon as i’m putting on a gig for Aussie based chipmusic hero ‘cTrix’. so keep posted……


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