the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Just an update….

Really missing not doing anything to promote DF3.  Its driving me a bit mad as the timing of it is both perfect and rubbish at the same time.  Its hard having to rely on the students but that is where the venue is and its just a fact.  Cant wait for the next one in May though.  The problem is whats going to happen over the summer?  will we ever be able to build momentum if we have to cancel everytime the students are home?  Its a worry.

Whilst I’ve been mulling that one over I’ve been writing a list of tunes I need for Suburbia.  Its CD only so i’m going to have to buy a load of stuff i’ve already got on vinyl.  One good thing about that is that it means I can travel to Hale on the train with just my cd wallet and headphones rather than having to get a taxi.  Bu the negative is that you really have to be on your toes! you can only cue one track at a time rather that four.  And you have to be well organised.  I’ve decided to keep a section of my cd wallet just for Suburbia stuff so im not trawling through hundreds of cd’s looking for one track!

I’ve also been on the phone to the Thirsty Scholar.  The Promoter/Manager ‘Damo’ was at the Daft Funk launch night and showed an interest in my playing the bar.  hopefully he will be ringing me on Monday.

Anyhoo, not much else to report at the moment.  Still thinking over the student situation………speak soon x


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