the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

To postpone or not to postpone DF3 ?…..

Andy and I are wondering whether to postpone DF3.  I was pretty buzzing after the late turn up of the penguins after DF2 and them promising to bring more people next time.  Plus this one falls on Easter weekend which means my work is closed on the Sunday, I would have been able to have a lie in and maybe get more of my work friends and other people out.

Andy text me yesterday to say that Jabez is dead over Easter weekend as all the students go home until mid-May.  And as the venue is slap bang in the centre of studentsville then it will make a difference.  Jabez doesn’t get passing trade so the night being a success depends on people coming in specifically for DAFT FUNK.  So he suggested we postpone this one until May.  But that if I want to do a private party with just a bunch of mates then thats ok with him.

We still have just short of three weeks so i’m going to rack my brains to see if theres any way I can use this to my advantage.  Maybe invite my friends, workfriends etc to a private party to use it as a promotional tool.

I will also contact one of the penguins on my DAFT FUNK page to see if he thinks anyone will be around Manchester.  So watch this space….oh and if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

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