the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Back to Suburbia and set programming….

A couple of weeks back I was send a ‘recipe’ for playing at Suburbia.  This is something I have never experienced from a promoter before but is exactly how I think when playing somewhere new.  I always really think through my first hour set because I think it makes or breaks who will stay in the bar/club.

If its a bar (starting at 9pm at Joshua Brooks for example) I always go for some funk (Parliament/Prince/Curtis Mayfield) and aim to build to some oldskool ‘no way’ classics (Blackness/Bassomatic/Stetasonic) in the first hour.  Mix in a little Loleatta Holloway and First Choice.  It allows for a couple of drinks to be sunk and for those sat chatting about their work day and relationships to turn their thoughts to the feel good, vibey music and will bring back memories for them.  They like where the music is going and stay for another drink.  By the time this hour is up I am building towards creating something exciting for the clubbers’ to walk in to.  Between 10 and 11pm is when most of the clubbers’, will come for a couple of drinks before they move downstairs.

Between 11 and 1 I will keep it dancey without going to0 hard (no Prodigy or Pendulum here!) Lots of oldskool hip hop n house and loads of uptempo funk and disco, giving the clubbers something to enjoy should they come upstairs for a break.  But also trying to keep those in who don’t intend to go downstairs.  I will write my DAFT FUNK ‘recipe’ another time but for now, back to Suburbia…

Gavin (the Promoter) at Suburbia sent his recipe through.  It wasn’t too complicated just 9-10 play to getting the girls up. wind down 1-2. Nothing gangsta, nothing too hectic.  Dont forget the modern stuff etc.  I totally understand the reasoning behind this.  With a place like Suburbia you have to maintain an image.

Gavin asked for an example of a set (bout 75 songs) so I sent an example.  He was pretty happy and sent back a couple of alternatives for songs he wasn’t sure about and a list of others to consider.  Now I’m just waiting to be rota’d in and I have a new residency!!   Watch this space…

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