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Preparing for DAFT FUNK 3…

There’s five weeks in between Daft Funk’s 2 and 3 so I need to get on with the promotion nice and early.

Andy (Jabez) had trouble with the printers last time as they didn’t get the posters ready on time.  In fact they promised they would be delivered the Monday after the gig! mmm helpful.

During the set up for DF2 I asked Andy if he had any any contacts in (what is known as) the ‘Poster Mafia’.

The Poster Mafia have been going for years, I remember them from my band manager days.  And anywhere where you see posters outside in Manchester is in effect owned by them and you must have their permission to put your posters up.  What usually happens is that you will pay for an amount of posters to be put around town and their people will do that for you.  It also means that it wont be taken down and replaced by another promoter.

After DF2 went down so well with the people who were there we figured that promotion needs stepping up somehow.  What we really need is a street team to give out flyers in the evening but we simply cannot afford that!  So we need to find out how much the poster mafia will cost.

Word of mouth should start to kick in now.  The penguins will hopefully be back next time and maybe will bring some friends.

I would also like another promotional tool but im not sure what yet.  Maybe i’ll do more copies of the CD with Daft Funk page/blog promotional literature?, or maybe a cocktail with a funky name? in it i’m not sure yet.  If anyone has any idea’s for something clever i’d love to hear it!

I’m already thinking ahead to the 1 year anniversary!

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  1. xbox
    lolz us like that.

    March 12, 2012 at 1:57 am

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