the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

DAFT FUNK 2…and the funky penguins

I noticed that the nerves had started to kick in about tea time.  I noticed because i really wasn’t hungry and for anyone who knows me that is very rare!

I ordered a taxi for about 9.30 and headed to Jabez.  On launch night I had got there for 9.30 and had set up and sound checked in about 15 minutes and ended up sat around.  But it was a good job I did because there were a few things that needed sorting out this time.  Inevitably there is a technical problem at most gigs, usually something very simple.  Today, the left turntable wasn’t sending a signal to the mixer and the lead was hardwired in so Andy had to swap it for another one and wire it back in.

So I set up and had a cheeky vodka as Andy fixed one of the lights.  Emma and Susan had arrived and my other friends Dave, Rob and Laura.  I was very happy to see them!

We opened at 11pm.  Hazel (from work) and her fella came at about 12 and then no-one… at gone 12.30 Andy decided to lock up and we would just have a bit of a private party as he thought no-one else would come.  My other friends from work hadn’t turned up and the people who had rang earlier in the day to ask if they could get in in fancy dress also hadn’t turned up so I agreed with him.

Andy sent the staff home and moments later two of my workmates Kellie and Laura turned up.  I was really made up that they had made the effort. Jabez in not in the centre of Manchester so you have to get a taxi from town.  Then, Emma appeared, followed by 20+ people….dressed as penguins.  I mean full penguin suits with feet and beaks and everything.

I could’t quite believe my eyes!!  It was proper surreal, they went straight on the dancefloor and stayed there until we closed at 3am. but it made it one of the most memorable night I have ever had!  shame I was in work and up at 8.15 the next morning!

Everyone seemed to love the music no matter what I played.  The penguins had lots of requests but they were really polite and friendly so it wasn’t a problem.  When i finished they clapped and cheered which was rather lovely and stayed and chatted to us as I was packing up to go.  They were saying that they couldn’t believe how quiet it was and that if more people (especially the students) knew about it then it would be heaving and asking when the next one was.

Hopefully this means that the old ‘word of mouth’ style of promotion will start to kick in and that Daft Funk may well live long and prosper.

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