the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

The day before DAFT FUNK 2….

Its the second Daft Funk tomorrow.  I went flyering in Manchester after work yesterday and managed to get a few to some people sat outside Dry Bar and Night and Day.

The build up to this one hasn’t been nearly as stressful.  I’ve done the usual posting of tunes, event sharing and invites.  However, I did get in trouble off Skiddle! (where I have the event listed).  You can add your group (of which I have exactly 1 member-me) to your events so they are notified when you add a new one.  When you list a new event it gives you the option to add groups.  Other peoples groups.  So i looked down the list of groups and ticked any Manchester based ones and any that looked like they were connected to the kind of music i play.  Skiddle suspended my event listing as I had broken the rules! If you cannot add these groups then why is the option to do it there?!  Needless to say I have re-listed.

There’s a party of people coming from work this time as its my friend Alanah’s birthday.  I’m looking forward to it (and slightly dreading it) at the same time.  I’ll be waiting for the inevitable moment when someone says ‘can you play something good?’.  If you are a DJ you will know how offensive this is.  Its pretty much saying ‘you have crap taste!’.  Its almost like turning to your best friend on a night out and saying ‘you could have worn something nice’

I’m also worried that if the venue is empty that they will think its lame and wanna go somewhere else. Or feel they have to stay and not enjoy themselves.  However, I’m hoping that once everyone has a few vodka’s and shots down them they will just get in to the music and have fun!

Here’s hoping people turn up…..

PS: I have a section called ‘Questions 4U’. I wanted to some research on people’s opinions on what makes a good clubnight. I have posted this request on facebook and twitter before and even though loads of people read it no one put anything.  I would really appreciate some feedback if anyone has the time. thanks x

2 responses

  1. emma

    I will smack anyone who dares to put in a request you have fabulous taste in music. I will also do your questionnaire but as you know I am such a house mouse that my opinion is probably not worth the read!!!

    March 2, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    • All opinions are important! put as much or as little as you like. trying to build up a picture of people’s feelings about clubbing. Ita ll helps!!

      March 2, 2012 at 6:43 pm

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