the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Preparing for round 2….and the doors of perception

Most of the ground work has been done for the next night.  I cant really court any press cos the second night isn’t really news.  So I’m going to have to rely on word of mouth.  Skiddle, Resident Advisor, Facebook, Twitter and the usual listings (which I still need to do).  The posters and flyers, now a generic ‘first Saturday of the month’ are at the printers.

Ive given my facebook and twitter friends a week to 10 days without having DAFT FUNK thrust in their faces.  But have started with some basic event sharing and blog promotion in the last few days.  So far I’ve only had 8 people confirm in my events listing.

One thing I’ve realised recently is that some people have been put off by their perception of Jabez Clegg.  One person read on a website that it’s a skanky wear your wellies venue so that is an opinion i’m going to have attempt to change.  Jabez may not be a high class cocktail bar and its in the heart of student city.  But it certainly isn’t skanky!!

Jabez hold a monthly  night called ‘The Bop’ there which sells out every time, but its a student night. where hundreds of students congregate to get very messy and consequently the floors get very messy too!

What i like about Jabez as a venue for my night is that its location means cheap in the club and cheap drinks.  It means that if you want to glam up and wear your heels you can and if you want to wear your trainers and jeans you can.  Its about the music and dancing and having fun.


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