the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Daft Funk launch

After putting my daughter to bed I carry on getting ready.

Ive booked the taxi for 8.45.  I wanted to be at Jabez for just after 9 so that I can be well prepared in case there’s any technical problems or other issues.  I want to make sure the sound is ok and test a few of the re-edits.

My very good and very supportive friends Emma and Susan come round for about 8 to share the taxi, i’m very happy to have them with me.  You always feel stronger with friends by your side.

When they arrive they are covered in snow.  Emma even has hiking boots on (with her shorts!!) they have gone to massive efforts to be here for me.  Emma picked up Susan from her house in Wigan earlier that day.  They then walked to get a taxi, which dropped them at Saddleworth train station, they got off the train in Ashton and went for another taxi to my house and walked from the end of my street and turned up looking very cold and snow covered.  God love em!

We set off (very slowly) in the taxi just before 9pm calling at the cash machine on the way.  I was pretty nervous by this point and knew i’d be very lucky to get any people down in this atrocious weather.  It had stopped snowing by this point but Manchester was completely covered and there wasn’t a soul on the streets.

We arrived at Jabez and Andy took us upstairs to set up.  I had paid for the taxi there as the girls had gone to so much trouble but asked them to pay on the door when we opened to help make the numbers up.  I was wondering if the people who had pre-paid for their tickets on Skiddle would turn up.

Two more of my friends, Gareth and his fiance Lindsey had made the journey up from the south and turned up about 10.00 (we opened at 11)

I had done my soundcheck and set my records up in about 10 minutes! it was simple and smooth and there were no problems.  The set up in the big room is ace. There is a stage and the turn tables (technics) and the CDJ’s (Pioneers) and the mixer (Allen and Heath) were suspended from the ceiling.  I played out a couple of my re-edits and went and sat with my friends having a laugh and a drink.

At 11pm Andy gave me the nod that we were opening.  I’m always unsure of what to play early in the night, even in a bar.  I know it sounds daft but you don’t want to waste perfectly good tracks if no-one is there to hear them and I never ever play a song twice in one night.  However, I had taken the unusual step of writing the first hour down as a set list.  I have done this before but dont really follow it.  I use it more as a guideline in case I get a moments block or to make sure I don’t forget to play a gem that I think is important to the night.

The first hour went by and I got more and more disappointed.  Two people, a couple who paused for a couple of minutes as they walked in to an empty room before going to the bar, had arrived and I had my four friends.  So up to 12pm I had a crowd of exactly 6 people!

At midnight, out of the blue a group of students piled in to the room and went straight on to the dancefloor, dancing like they were taking the mickey!  i wasn’t really sure how to take them, but they were punters and they were dancing on my dancefloor!  Shortly after that, Laura, a DJ that I have only ever talked to on Facebook (but who has already been earmarked by myself as the next person to DJ daft Funk if it takes off) arrived with her friend.

Then Hazel (my very good friend from work) and her ‘date’ arrived.  So this was my crowd.  A small but perfectly appreciative and energetic group of people who were loving the music.

No one else came in that night, which I believe was entirely down to the weather.  But the atmosphere was great and the punters and I had a lot of fun.  After the students left, the rest of us spent the rest of the night dancing and having a laugh.  I wrapped up with a bit of Fresh Prince, said thanks the the remaining people, gave out cd’s (even the bar staff and security asked for them!) and Emma, Susan and I went for Chinese food.

Then home to bed.


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