the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Taking it to the next level…and getting a (bigger) room!

With about 5 days to go we got the proper posters and flyers back from the printers.  The ‘improper’ ones being the flyers they sent with the same side printed on both sides.  Emma and I were planning on taking flyers on a little campaign trail around Manchester the Saturday before.  but as we didn’t have them we couldn’t do it!

So, on the Tuesday before I set off and postered and flyered all up and down the Northern Quarter, in the FREEZING COLD!!! Thats dedication for you.

More than 2 weeks prior to this i contacted Gareth, the Promoter at Joshua Brooks. A club/Bar where I had played on and off for about 8 months or so and asked if he knew who might be interested in doing a press piece on the launch.  he mentioned Daniel Nolan (City Life/M.E.N) but didn’t have his contact details.

I had to try to find his details myself so I did searches on the Internet and Facebook, joined LinkedIn and Google+ but couldn’t find him!  I ended up just ringing the M.E.N and went through 3 people who didn’t know him to finally finding someone who gave me his email address.  I emailed him with the details but heard nothing back.  I eventually found him on Facebook by trawling through my friends friends and messaged him there but still nothing!!

I decided it musn’t have been enough of a story until I heard from him, via email on the Monday before the launch.  He emailed a ton of interview questions and said that he wanted to do a feature in Friday’s City Life.  How chuffed was i??!  Later that day a photographer contacted me and by Tuesday night I was doing a photo shoot at my house.  And much as Nathan Cox is a great photographer I think i’m showing my age in that pic so think that might be my last photo shoot!! (I did used to do hair modeling in my twenties!!)

So, there it was. Daft Funk launch party large as life in City Life!!! it was getting a bit real!

I had been keeping an eye on the hits that the launch party had been having on skiddle.  By the Monday before, we had had over 10,000 hits.  That means that people weren’t just reading it in the listings, they were clicking on the page because they were interested in more details, so it must have looked attractive.   Plus, people (only a couple at this point) had started buying tickets online!

So, now with this feature in the paper (and in the Metro) and the ever increasing Skiddle hits Andy suggested we move to the bigger room, we reasoned that even if a tiny percentage turned up that the smallest room wouldn’t be suitable.  I was a little concerned but I knew he was right.


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