the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

skip to the end…..

ok, not gonna harp on about this too much, cos this blog is meant to cover me tring to set up and establish DAFT FUNK, so….

I had been part of the Funkademia team on and off for a few years.  at Zumeba, warming up for Dave Booth, Fritz Great Lakes, Trafford Lovething (Manchester’s very own Banksy Trafford Parsons) and Myk Nolan.  Then at One Central, where I got to do warm ups and play the main set!  and then at Mint Lounge, where I would play the funky little back room.

Sometime during this I got my residency at PoNaNa.  Which was my absolute favourite place to play.  I started there not really knowing what to expect and not knowing what they expected of me and they had 2 or 3 very well known and respected DJ’s on their rosta.  DJ’s Xander and Rich Reason (Hit and Run) and well as Mani (Roses/Primal Scream) and visits from people like Greg Wilson and Jazzy Jeff.

I quickly became a favourite there playing every weekend as I had the bar upstairs heaving.  I would basically just play what i wanted to hear next as well as feeding off whatever was working for the punters.  I don’t think many bars ever get to hear a DJ play Josh Wink’s ‘Higher state of conciousness’ or Pendulum’s ‘Tarantula!’

Just as they moved me to the club downstairs, PoNaNa closed down due to massive rent increases.  I only got to play the club once, but it was the best night DJ’ing I ever had.  i got to play what i wanted and the crowd couldn’t get enough!

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