the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight


Back when I was a band manager, promotion was a right hard slog! you had to flyer everything you could.  You couldn’t really poster in town (still true now) without the permission from those known as the ‘poster mafia’ and there wasn’t even a Myspace. let alone Facebook.  I think Peoplesound was just emerging round about then.  You had to sell tickets for most gigs yourself and try to rely on friends bringing other friends to the gigs.  It was really hard  getting a gig in London was impossible unless you had proof you were bringing at least 50 people, which required some inventive measures from the band and I !

So, as I was searching online for various listings to add Daft Funk to.  Such as City Life, Manchester Evening News, Metro etc.. I came across one of the best and easiest marketing tool ever! Skiddle!  I practically spent a whole evening and a bottle of wine using its various services.

You can list your event.  Not just the basics of where and when.  but add a picture, a poster, a description, add a news article, create a group. post to Facebook, post to twitter.

AND… you can sell tickets…..for FREE! its was amazing.

The next time I went back on Skiddle I saw that it has a dashboard, much like WordPress, where it tells you how many new hits you’ve had.  How many you’ve had in the last 7 days.  And if you’ve sold tickets, you can get stats on the demographics of your customer.  for FREE!!!

There are other things you can pay for too, such as headline banner.  Featured event. E-Flyers and more.  Their promotion tools are amazing.  Thanks Skiddle!

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