the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Posters and flyers….

Luckily my sister in law Claire is a photographic and graphic artist (as well a chocolatier!) and offered to help design a poster and flyer.  Even though my word art one was perfectly good!!!  er…anyhow.  I sent her a couple of idea’s i liked such as the black background and disco-ey brightly coloured logo and she did the rest.  Obviously adding on important stuff such as my Facebook page and the drinks offers.  I especially loved the images of the dancers at the bottom.  There’s been a few occasions in my DJ’ing past when i’ve had a group of breakdancers’ and i love being reminded of this.  And the female images remind me of me and my girls owning the podiums back in our clubbing days!  The Funkademia staff used to refer to us as ‘the Podium Possee’.

So, here is the poster for the launch party.  Andy had his flyering crew take them all around the student bars and halls and I postered and flyered all around the Northern Quarter!!


Launch Party Poster

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