the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

long story short…..

A few sets of turntables later I had got to the point where my book (How to DJ Properly-Frank Broughton) was saying its time to gig!  But I wasnt really sure where to start.

Over the years my friends and I had become friendly with Funkademia’s creator, promoter and DJ Dave Payne.  I asked him if he had any idea’s and he pointed me in the direction of Pleasure, A bar in Withington.  He said that there was an open decks night there and to try out a set.  I was more nervous than you could imagine, but with the support of my friends I did it and it went pretty well for a first time.

Before long I was playing Pleasure regularly and the tiny bar became a dance floor every time i played.  Even Fritz came and did a set with me, which was amazing, if not a little chaotic!!

Since then, I’ve played Font Bar, Dry Bar, Revolution, Zumeba, Bar 57, Tribeca, Mint Lounge, One Central, PoNaNa, The Attic and more.

But it was playing Funkademia, when it moved on to Zumeba, that made my modest little dream come true

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