the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Jabez Clegg

After a brief discussion I went to meet with Andy at Jabez and check out the 2 rooms that he had upstairs.  One of them held 100 people but didn’t have the best accoustics or lighting and had no seating and the other held 500 people, had a stage set up for the turntables, better lighting and a better sound system.

I actually preferred he idea of the smaller room to start with.  It would be easier to fill and smaller rooms always have that intimate feel that really helps create a good atmosphere.  Andy had the same opinion.  I was a little concerned about the lights but Andy was going to speak to someone he knew about getting a few more in.

We had decided on a monthly night at first.  We didn’t want to clash with 16 year established Funkademia every week so went for the first Saturday of the month.  This meant that it was a week after payday for my workmates and I and also didn’t clash with Craig Charles’s (Red Dwarf/Corrie) last night of the month at Band on the Wall.

Sat 4th Feb was going to be our launch party, and we had another 3 dates pencilled in for after that.

Jabez was in a great position for the students in Manchester, but wasn’t so close to the Northern Quarter where everything else happened in town!  We had to make sure that we didn’t just rely on students coming down.

Andy had asked me for a profile to put on the Jabez website and we needed posters and flyers.

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