the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

In the beginning……

Hi, I’m Bex.  I’m a DJ, a Promoter, a shop assistant, a dabbler in E-Bay, a new blogger, a Martial Artist and most importantly a mum of one beautiful, almost 3 year old daughter.

I’ve worked as a record buyer, a Music Industry Consultant, A bar supervisor, and i’ve worked for Man City Football Club.  Ive been a band manager, gig promoter, and record label co-owner.

Ive been clubbing around Manchester for a very long time indeed!  Not so much now, being a mum, and being 37.  But i’ve been to most clubs in town.  But one club night in particular changed me as a person.  I discovered a whole new type of music, and my friends and I fell in love with Funkademia at The Attic on Oxford Rd in Manchester.  It played Funk Soul and Disco.  The Attic was only a small club but the atmosphere was brilliant and the clubbers were all really friendly and were just there to dance.

We were all really sad when Funkademia moved home as we loved the Attic, but SubSpace, just round the corner really turned a page for the club.  It was huge compared to the Attic but they still managed to fill it.  And new DJ’s came in to the fold.  namely, my inspiration ‘Fritz Great-Lakes’.  he was crazy behind the decks!! really getting in to what he was playing and was a great set programmer.

It was round about this time that I started thinking to myself. ‘i know what i’d play next’ or ‘i’d love to hear that (song) in here’ and came to the conclusion that I wanted to learn to DJ.


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