the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

Facebook and Twitter

Firstly I hate Twitter!! i find it cryptic and frustrating.  That is all.

Facebook however, I love.  It has meant I can keep in touch with family and friends in Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland and New Zealand.  and I can also use it to promote my new night.

So about a month before the big night I created an Event and invited (almost) everybody! and created a Daft Funk page.

One of the girls at work had handed her notice in round about the same time and had said that she would have her leaving do on the same night, this was just the boost I needed at this time.  With about 15-20 coming from work, and about 10-15 of my friends promising to come we would have filled a third of the room.  Within a few days and after many event shares and tunes posting on my Facebook wall, my invited had started to come back.

Old school friends and college friends, new friends I hadn’t even met. people that were friends with Jabez Clegg (I had asked them to share the event to invite their 2,000+ friends) and even famous Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam had all clicked attend.  I’d had over 50 people ‘attending’ the event and with my friends and work friends I had made my 100 people…….even if a few of those didn’t turn up.

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