the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight


I had been wanting to play my own clubnight for a very long time, I liked playing bars, but my buzz was getting the dancers up and keeping them up.  I like the cheer you get when they love a tune.  I had got to see what it was like at PoNaNa that night, I had played the main set at Funkademia only once and the Baby Funk room at Mint Lounge just twice.  I knew the style I was playing was working the dancefloor, I just needed a club to do my own thing in.

But what club didnt already have something going on on a Saturday?

Who would take a chance on a bar DJ?

I had heard via my friend Emma that Sound Control were looking for idea’s so I sent a basic proposal and heard nothing.  Luckily another old friend of mine, Andy Reid, who I had played for at Dry Bar had moved on to manage Jabez Clegg.  We had mentioned in passing the idea of doing a clubnight before but there was never an opening at Dry.  He told me that there were a few saturdays free at Jabez, as they were right in the heart of studentsville, regular nights weren’t really suitable as students go home for weeks at a time.  he said if I had any ideas that he was willing to trial it as a monthly night.

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