the creation of the DAFT FUNK clubnight

24 hours away…..

I started to get the inevitible ‘sorry I cant make it’ messages.  More and more people were unable to come.  But a few who couldn’t come previously now could make it.  I wasn’t really nervous by this point but I was a little stressed! especially when people were saying they couldn’t come.  I checked Skiddle again and we were on over 15,000 hits.  Daft Funk had remained in the top 3 most viewed events for nearly 3 weeks now and I thought, if even 1% of those people come then I’ll be happy. Plus, I had my friends, workmates and even two small groups traveling from the south.  I was pretty sure i’d be ok.

My records were prepared, I had bought new stylus and had been re-editing tunes for weeks with the help of my pro-tools expert other half.  I had even done a new mix, complete with cover to give away to the clubbers as a little extra promotional tool and thank you.  I just didn’t know what to wear!!

I had a hair appointment the next day (Saturday 4th-launch party day) and thought i’d have one last look for something.

So I posted the links to the article on Facebook and Twitter and tried to have a relaxing night.

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